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Solar Panels in Older and Historic Buildings

Roof and solar panel maintenance

Roof and solar panel maintenance

Solar PV or solar thermal systems can be considered “maintenance-free” and solar panel installation is unlikely to damage your traditional building.

While components can break down they don’t require any special cleaning or annual service.

You will need to carefully consider the maintenance implications for the roof itself if opting for a roof-mounted system.

While you can still access the roof for maintenance, following installation of a solar system it will cost more and take more effort as you need a qualified contractor to disconnect and reconnect the system.

When looking to install solar panels on a traditional roof, consider its current condition, and whether you can bring forward any upcoming maintenance jobs (for example, if you think the roof will need to be renewed anyway within the next 5 – 10 years).

Consider doing these before you invest in a solar system.

You can store energy for use later using a domestic battery but installing a battery can be expensive.

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