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Before You Get Started on Generating Energy in a Historic Building

Before you start

Before you start

Generating your own energy with renewable technology helps the environment and can save you money.

There are many renewable energy options out there suitable for owners of older and traditional (pre-1919) buildings in Scotland.

The right choice of technology will depend on the building you own and your circumstances.

For some options, you may need planning permission and listed building consent, or you may need to consider visual impact or a disruptive installation.

Explore some of the options available to you, and understand what could work well for your older or traditional building.

Improve your building's energy efficiency 

Before investing in renewable technologies, first improve the maintenance, insulation, and draught-proofing of your home.

Making sure your building is wind, watertight and well-maintained is essential to its energy performance.

Discover how to make your older home energy efficient in our Guide to Energy Retrofit of Traditional Buildings.

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