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Cast iron rain goods



Rainwater goods do the vital job of carrying water away from a building to prevent it from entering the fabric or running down the walls.

Rhones (gutters) and downpipes, which are traditionally made of cast iron, carry rainwater from the roof. Neglecting this system, or its various parts, can be disastrous. Poorly functioning rainwater goods are often directly responsible for serious internal and external deterioration and costly repairs.

Regular inspections of rainwater goods will help to avoid serious issues. As well as an annual check of the system, you should regularly clear rainwater goods, gullies and drains of plant growth, leaves and debris. Be especially vigilant in autumn or after a storm, and always investigate any signs of leaks urgently.

Blockages and plant growth, fractures, corrosion, misaligned components and inappropriate repairs are common causes of problems with rainwater goods.

Original cast iron rainwater goods should continue to perform as effectively as they’ve always done with proper maintenance and repairs. A regular maintenance programme is the most effective way to prevent problems.

Replacing failed cast iron rainwater goods with cheaper alternatives spoils the look of a traditional building and is usually a false economy.

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