Part of Historic Environment Scotland

Unit 1: Conservation in Context

Dates: 27 August 2018 - 07 September 2018
Total hours: 336 hours
Taught hours: 166 hours
On-site instruction: 104 hours
Off-site instruction: 62 hours
Credits: 33


Get a thorough grounding in the basic principles and traditions that underpin architectural conservation by studying all seven modules of this unit.

Together, the modules will establish a baseline of understanding of Scotland’s historic built environment, its cultural significance and the threats to its physical integrity. You will learn how international protocols and conservation best practice demand an intelligent, sensitive and respectful approach to the custodianship of our heritage.

You can also study individual modules to pursue your own particular interests.

Topics covered in this unit

  • Progression of Scottish architectural styles, building materials and construction technologies
  • Traditional Scottish building methods and materials
  • Broad principles and ethics of heritage conservation, and how best to tackle issues of building decay
  • Scottish, UK and European legislative framework within which the historic built environment is protected
  • Impact of heritage conservation on the wider environment and economy, and how to protect scarce resources
  • Accurate documentation of a site as a vital first step towards its monitoring and evaluation
  • Overarching framework that shapes and supports a conservation project – from initial brief to aftercare issues
Modules Title
A Scottish Architectural Traditions Module details
B Building Fabric and Function Module details
C Conservation Principles and Ethics Module details
D Conservation Policy and Planning Module details
E Sustainability and Adaptation in the Historic Environment Module details
F Documentation of the Historic Environment Module details
G Project Design and Management Module details

Unit delivery

Class meetings include lectures, tutorials, lab work, workshops and visits to project sites. Teaching is a mixture of on-site instruction at the Engine Shed and off-site instruction. Leading experts in the field will work with the Historic Environment Scotland Conservation Directorate to deliver the unit.

Entry requirements

Individual modules are open to anyone with an interest in the subject matter. Applicants for the Advanced Professional Diploma should have a relevant degree or professional experience.

Unit Assessment

Assessment of the modules in this unit will involve a range of tasks, including exams, essays, e-portfolio contributions and the preparation of research strategies.