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Advanced professional diploma in technical building conservation

Historic Environment Scotland has developed this unique diploma in consultation with heritage experts to meet the growing demand for conservation skills across the heritage sector.

The advanced professional diploma in technical building conservation will prepare you for a wide range of specialist careers in the heritage sector. New graduates, emerging professionals and existing practitioners can all benefit from the opportunity to broaden their expertise.

The programme aims to give you a wide spectrum of knowledge and skills in practical building conservation techniques, backed up by a thorough understanding of Scottish architectural and construction traditions. You will also study current issues and leading technical developments, and ground your new knowledge in today’s conservation principles and best practice.

Our diploma programme gives you unrivalled access to national and international experts in the field, from academics to scientists. Vocational, applied and practical in nature, modules are studied mainly at the Engine Shed.

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Programme content

The advanced professional diploma programme is made up of four units. Each of these is in turn made up on one or more modules, any of which can also be studied on an individual basis (except Module T: Final Project).

Unit 2: Masonry, Limes and Cements

Explore across the six modules of this unit the key elements of traditional Scottish building construction, from stone and clay to historic concretes.

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Modules Title
H Stone Conservation Module details
I Fired Earth Conservation Module details
J Unfired Earth Conservation Module details
K Mortars, Plasters and Renders 1 Module details
L Mortars, Plasters and Renders 2 Module details
M Historic Cements and Concrete Module details

Unit 3: Structures and Finishes

Become better acquainted with the wide range of materials used to construct and finish traditional buildings in Scotland through the six modules in this unit.

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Modules Title
N Conservation of Ferrous Metals Module details
O Conservation of Non-ferrous Metals Module details
P Historic Glass and Glazing Conservation Module details
Q Conservation of Surface Finishes Module details
R Conservation of Timberwork Module details
S Traditional Roofing Repairs Module details

Unit 4: Final Project

Put into practice the knowledge and skills acquired in Units 1 to 3 to take on a challenge that professional conservationists regularly come up against.

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