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A white washed house with a red pantile roof stands out against a blue sky.

Ways of life

Traditional Scottish ways of life like crofting, farming, fishing and peat cutting.

This section contains information on other topics including daily life of communities and families in the Islands of Scotland and other skills such as fishing, crofting, cutting peat and roof thatching.

Crofter boy

The daily life of Kenny the crofter boy and his family who live in crofting community of Invergair in 1955.

Eilean an Fhraoich

Life in the Outer Hebrides, circa 1937, showing herring fishing, crofting, peat cutting and roof thatching.


The history and industries of the town of Falkirk, circa 1938.

Fair Isle — a glimpse of life

The daily life of the islanders of the Fair Isle at work, including crofting and fishing.

Cargo for Ardrossan

The industries and domestic activities of the West Coast of Scotland, highlighting the importance to the area of cargo oil.


The daily life of the residents of Ardnamurchan, including crofting and fishing.

They made the land

The history of farming in Scotland.

Whin-mill at Menie House

Scenes from Balmedie.

Steel and engineering

Steel and engineering in Britain, circa 1960. It documents the various methods, materials and manufacturers.

Build me straight

The building of a wooden fishing boat.

Aberdeenshire Abbey

The making of devotional artworks for an Aberdeenshire Abbey.

Re-laying Dingwall’s High Street

The re-surfacing of Dingwall High Street.

Images and videos are provided courtesy of the National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive.
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