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A group of people cutting wood inside a workshop

Building Skills

Traditional building skills like bricklaying and stonemasonry.

This section explores specific construction and restoration projects throughout Scotland. The videos, dating as far back as 1929, feature traditional processes and skills involved in reinstating and erecting buildings.

Iona Rebuilt

The rebuilding of the monastic buildings at Iona Abbey between 1938 and 1959.

Remembering the Second World War

The construction of the Second World War memorial in Dunfermline in 1953.

Dundee Stonemasons

Stonemasons at work and a completed building in Dundee, 1982.

Restoration of the Church of Holy Rude

Restoration of the church of the Holy Rude in Stirling, and Queen Mary’s visit in 1936.

Images and videos are provided courtesy of the National Library of Scotland Moving Image Archive.
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